If you shoot a mime, do you use a silencer?

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This is where to go if you are looking for that general "Web Fix" or if you need some help/ideas for your own web page.

Since I'm forced by "Big Brother Bill" (like the majority of you c'mon admit it) to use this Operating System I have found many a way to customize it. This has Themes,Icons,Cursors,Downloads,Etc.
Paintball, The Only Sport That Splatters

This is my favorite sport. And the only one my Fiancee likes me to play. Of Course, she's usually there too - on the other team!!!
The Hottest Band in The WORLD...

Not the youngest group out there, but hey!, there a hell of a band (and you know you bought a ticket to thier reunion...; )

My passion for small furry things is saited in the fact that I have 8 of these Carpet Sharks allowing me to live with them in my..uh...I mean THEIR house.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, if you don't noe what it is, you were never awake at midnight in a movie theatre having people throw rice at you just because some bells ring.

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Random Links that don't fit in to any catagory.

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