12/29/099 7pm

Well here we are at 7pm, waiting at Jerralyn's place for the others. Steve and I dorve the RV down from the rental place, and learned a great many things

  • RVs on highways are great, on side roads they suck.
  • 18 Wheelers go a LOT faster than 60 mph on the Jersey Pike
  • On impact to the asphalt, metal gas cans busrt open and spray gas everywhere
  • Breaks are your friend.

So now we wait in antic-i-pation for leaving the state and getting along on our trip... Lee

01/02/00 11am

Sorry about the lack of updates - we have all beeen getting home Really late, and going right to tbed. Well let's see - almost everyone of us are sick (Excvept Steve and Brian who refuse to get sick) New Year's on Pleasure Island was wild... I think it's safe to say that everyone enjoyed themselves!! (Even if we were not on TV)

  • Steve got to Rave (and found Guniness in a bottle)
  • Sue got to see STYX and be on the Mouse's property
  • Steph got to be on the MOuse's property
  • I (Lee) got to find Steph's B-day present which hasn't been seen in Jersey in months
  • WIll and Jerr got to swing dance
  • and Brian was the MAN by not only hanging out with John Young from Styx - no really in the VIP area and all, and had some companionship of the female persauation somewhere in the first 3 hours of the melinium.

So now I'm off to Universal IOA with Steph - we will meet the others there and do some sightseeing. I promise that either Steve or I will put up some pics by tomorrow night (and video) Lee

01/03/00 11am

Pictures of 'the' event

Want to see the Movie of Steve Doing the Deed?