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NiteHawk's PERL Script Archives
Scripts that I have Written for you to use if you can. If you need help or want one specific, let me know.

These two were created for SPAM purposes, I do not advocate Spam Mail. I was paid to create these. If you're gonna use 'em, don't blame me when people H8 you!!!!

  • Hawk-Strip v.9 - Written to allow user to strip out "@domain-name.xxx" from webpages, Can be modified to strip any string out of files.
  • Hawk-Mailer v.9 - Mailer that allows user to specify message (in plain text file), From Tag (can be traced if someone wants to), and imports a list of addresses from a && deliminated text file. Looks like each message was sent to each specific person.
By using any of these programs, you agree that this is at your own risk and you WILL NOT and CAN NOT hold me responsible for anything! They have been tested and work and as far as I know they DO NOT harm any systems. If you run into any problems, let me know and I will try to help, but I guarentee NOTHING.
Nitehawk '97

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