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POG #Name Comments
197Lee S Szolusha - niteHawkCaptian 
085Ray Fera - YardogCo-Captain 
xxxJohn Kroll - MovieGuyCo-Captain 


  • 7 Man Novice Division
  • We played (Our score first):
    • Team Teel (A)(9-9)
    • Minutemen (0-9)
    • Team No Name (9-18)
    • Edge (6-24)
    • House of Pain (3-27)
    • Absolute (3-30)
    • Bunkered (15-45)

IAO '02 Gallery

As usual, I have some favorite snippets of conversation/memories that I will leave here
  • Man were those fields open!... you'd be surpriseed how big of a lane that you have on a field... all the fields were layed out so that there was at least one lane that was so open, sending someone to that side was suicide (sorry Yardog) :-)
  • Freshman Bob on the scooter with the BIGGEST grin I've ever seen
  • Movie.. oh I mean MOVE guy taking the 50 in our last game. (see pics)
  • Yardog, Freshman Bob, and my Brother, coming back from the mall wanting to move to butler for all the pretty chicks :-D
  • Glenn talking about his girl :-)
  • My guys (without me on the field), volenteering to play with 6 on the field so that it was an even game (the other team only had 6) - you guys made me proud
  • Feeling old, but at least having someone to comiserate with (thanks Cannon-Fodder)
  • MovieGuy's waitress... "My BOYFRIEND" says the same thing" HAHAHAHAHAHAH
  • The fact that the waitress remembered all of us two days later, and even remembered MG's drink for him ;-)
  • Seeing Dan's face after he came off the field for his first game... Im guessing our boy from tennesee LIKES supair!
  • The fact that Muzikman managed to twist his ankel, PICKING MG up at the airport... I felt for ya man!
  • Taking that BAD bunker in the 7th game - My finger STILL hurts!
  • Meeting JessicaTheWife, and seeing her in the matching shirt the first day
  • The fact that we only got maxed in ONE game, and we were NOT LAST!!
  • The girls selling the drinks... of which no one noticed they were twins until late Friday/early Sat (Bikini's aer a good thing - maybe not in paintball... but...)
From DanTheMan
  • This is the last time I'm doing this E V E R. No, really, I mean it -NH (followed by the entire team echoing "I will NEVER drink again", and genereally making fun of me)
  • Prowler's (Milton's) gas-powered scooter and Bob's face at 30 mph.
  • Last game: Is it really going to make a difference if Yarddog sits out to make the teams even ?(other team had lost a player) It was only fair that the teams start evenly.
  • ANY story told by my wife away from my presence.
  • Bob's seemingly invisible mark during game 5's wonderful reffing (IIRC).
  • John S.'s (Sushman's) generic college-boy goatee.
  • Dang, yall's Northern accents sound funny.
  • Big city of Butler
  • Moooovie guy in the sherriff's hat. Be careful, they'll mistake you for a Tennesseean...
From Yardog
  • "I don't know why you'd need a plural for Jesus... but hey, what the hell?" -niteHawk
  • I think bob's face on that scooter has to win some sort of award.
  • "Yardog has passed his paintball prime." -Fuck you everybody.
  • "[B]ut I think next year, if we want to win it [Sportsmanship].........we should all play stock class, and play with only 6 the whole day" -Mooooovie Guy
  • Like I said, the only thing said on the field was "hit" so my one-liners this year are kinda limited
From Mascot
  • Bob riding the scooter is by far the funniest thing I have ever seen.
  • I only get shot while I am loading my gun, it started to get annoying after that happened three times.
  • Lee is NOT being the captain next year.......................................... :-)
  • And for all those who remember that little pop stand...... double your pleasure, double your fun.
From MovieGuy
  • Mascot - Next year, we do the firehouse bit. If we're going to spend the money on college funds, that's the best way to do it. Also, you, more then anyone else, needs a navigation system in your car. LOL Damn downtown Pittsburgh construction!
  • Muzikman - thanks for the airport pickup, sorry I caused your limp. The Typhocoker was pretty much the coolest marker I saw all weekend, bar none. And yes, I do have a one track mind...it just depends on what month you catch me on. LOL
  • Dan the Man - I don't know who's smile was bigger. Yours, after playing your first non-woods, non-recball, tournament style, sup air field, game. OR Freshman Bob's smile on Prowler's scooter. I know you'll be there next year, I could see the addiction in your eyes.
  • Freshman Bob - from going 30 mph on a scooter, to checking out the hostess @ Dingbats, to harrassing the twins @ the soda stand.....you do make me laugh. WARNING TO ANYONE, be prepared to clean if you EVER room with Bob (who's real name, is not Bob). I swear, Cannon-Fodder and I walked into the hotel room Thursday night, and looked at each other and could not believe that your stuff covered every last inch of the floor. Next year....you get your OWN room.
  • Sushman - you had the BEST move of the whole tournament....to bad it was OFF the field. LOL ::said to Redz rep:: "I need the 3+2 pack, in red, with pods and small comfort belt." ::Redz rep says:: "That'll be $55." ::Sushman turns to brotherHawk, holds hand out and says:: "I need money to buy pack." ::niteHawk says:: "How much?" ::Sushman says:: "$55."
  • Cannon Fodder - the OLD MAN of the group. Next year, I suggest you bring SPF 60. Seriously though, thanks again for the ride to the airport and for being a huge help all week long (all the rides to and fro especially). My best advice (aside from move out of Cincy) is, marriages are a 110%-110% thing, not a 50-50 thing. Oh, and I hope you enjoyed your last tournament....b/c I'm sure the little woman will be clamping down soon. LOL
  • Yardog - did you really think we were going to make you sleep in your car, at the field? Oh, and I realize you're getting old and slow, but you're still the fastest guy on our team. And be happy you didn't go out with us Saturday night, you didn't miss a thing.....other then us getting lost in Pittsburgh. LOL
  • Prowler - you're still sexy....even when you're not on my team. LOL
  • SHAG - Do you have any gay friends? (to those not in the know, this question was asked by the most backwoods person I've ever seen @ the bar of the resturant we had our team dinner at).
  • Elizabeth (SHAG's Girlfriend)- So when can I get you to teach my wife to buy ME an $1,100 marker and accessories????
  • wifeHawk - Congrats again on 3rd place in the 3-woman division! And as always, if it weren't for you and Lee, I don't know if I'd have anywhere NEAR as much fun as I do when I go to events with you guys. Also, I'm sorry for giving Lee a project (my Race) to work on all afternoon Saturday, negating any chance you had @ going back to the hotel to shower up before the players party began.
  • niteHawk (POG Capt, aka - Lee) - Words can't say enough my friend. YOU ARE DA MAN! Trust me, the barrel kit was the least we could do for you. Every year you put forth a ton of energy, time and your own money to throw together a team. You deserve more then a barrel kit....but the Angel girls (that I spoke to), weren't for sale. Sorry. j/k LOL As well, I have to bits of info for you: 1) Revenge is sweet and 2) Part of my revenge, is making you field captain and paper captain next year. LOL See you @ Cup....and beware, paybacks are afoot.
  • Glenn and Craig - We couldn't do it without you guys. Thank you for making great products, and for all of the support you give us, year after year. Craig, I need you design a prarie dog bag for field use. And Glenn, if you move to Thailand, I'm up for adoption.
  • A quote from Glenn - "Winning a sportsmanship award, is by far more important then winning the blue ribbon."

And one more thing from me.... I love all you guys. Sometimes I get a bit stressed during the day (or after it) and I get a little short, but you guys make me remember why I do this. I had anamazing time, and the barrel kit was uncalled for, but very VERY apriciated - you really shouldn't have... Thanks again, and Have fun next year with Yardog and MovieGUy..... hehehehehehehehehehheheniteHawk

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