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POG #Name Comments
197Lee S Szolusha - niteHawkCaptian 
085Ray Fera - YardogCo-Captain 
653Crazy Legs  
497Space Monkey (The Gimp)  
xxxBrian 1-2-3  


  • 10 Man AMATEUR Division A
  • We played (Our score first):
    • Zap Confusion (4-98)
    • No Clue (8-96)
    • Sewer Rats (4-98)
    • CHAOS (6-97)
    • Justice (8-96)
    • Brass Eagle All Stars (10-95)
    • Capital Punnishment (0-100)

ZAP '01 Gallery

Since I am not a writer, I'll just put some snippets, and I'm sure the other guys will fill in the blanks....
  • Some NPPL rankins for teams we played (as of Chicago 2001):
    • Brass Eagle - NPPL Am A - 17th
    • Justice - NPPL Am B - 20th
    • CHAOS - NPPL Am B - 22nd
  • Excecpt for the last game, all of games wnet over 10min, most lasting 16/17min... way to go guys!
  • Playing on a twisted ankle will forever get you nicknamed "Gimp" by your captain - it was more fun watching you try to play back, and then halfway through the game running up into center because you got bored :-)
  • Me yelling at Yardog to "stop wasting paint" at a guy really dug in, just as that guy stands up and yells "Out" - just proves to me that NO ONE should listen to niteHawk ;-)
  • Not hearing the end of Yardog taking out Craig Palmer on speedball twice... of course Craig was BEHIND him by then....
  • "Ummm..hey Crazy Legs, what number is "E"??" hehe and the fact that NONE of us noticed until like the 4th game or so
  • After introducing everyone to Glenn...
    • Glenn: "There will be a quiz later"
    • Princess: "My name's easy...."
    • Glenn: "Your name is 'Easy'?"
  • Doing an 8man push is fun... until you figure out that the other team is doing the EXACT same thing.. oh the Carnage!!
  • Mascot taking the first 2 guys in the first game... with his Houndstooth!
  • "nic..uh...Brian"
  • "February... no march... wait.. umm... Yeah March" - Thanks Brian
  • The amount of teams that chewed out thier players for getting hit from a Pump!! (Mascot)
  • After 4 games realizing that we shot 7 cases...which is more than we have EVER SHOT at ZAP... due to staying in the games a looooong time
  • nH is the Creamy chocolate center of the M&M called Team POG - Tnx Sushman
  • Taking the number 1 team in our division down to 4min left and taking 5 of them with us. And then them praising us for the hard fight we put up (Bras Eagle)
  • Looking around at the field during a hard game, and realizing that everyone is still with me, and 2 of the opponents are gone already
  • Yelling out a car window cause you recognize someone isnít the best thing to do. But it is a great way to frighten people. - Prowler
  • Three words.... Tempest is SICK - Prowler
  • To hell with a picture.... a video is worth a thousand words... :) - Craig and Prowler

I really want to make it known that I had a blast with this team all this weekend, and really look forward to seeing them again, I was constiantly impressed with thier playing, and with them all personally.. I could not have wished for a better bunch of guys to spend a day getting beat up with... Keeping things in perspective, we played in the Amature division against people that had spent time practicing for this and other events, and not only did we keep them on thier toes, but we affected the outcome of the final scores. We did not roll over for any of them and made them work for every elimination (well, except when we all decided to run strong on the side and we ran into thier ENTIRE team!!). Thanks guys... you made me remember why I put myself through this every year ;-) niteHawk

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